Why Choose Atenas Costa Rica?

“All” you ever wanted to know about Atenas.

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Fantastic View of Valley

Fantastic View of the Central Valley

The Costa Rican Times does a good job of featuring stories about retiring and living in Costa Rica. They recently selected Atenas as their favorite place to retire, saying…

The Central Valley is a mountainous region in the middle of Costa Rica and is currently the most popular region among tourists and expats because of the temperate climate the entire year which is between 65F to 85F. On top of that it is close Juan Santamaria International Airport and has easy access to transportation routes to get to other towns and regions.

In Central Valley you can enjoy the best dental and medical facilities and services the country has to offer. Delight in the fact that they have this place is where you can get the best shopping experience, great amenities and terrific services.

In all of Central Valley, I like Atenas the most. It is a farm town with a lovely central park ringed by delightful cafés, restaurants and shops. Furthermore, the expat community in this town is very active so you can definitely gain new friends and start enjoying your hobbies with them.

Real Estate is pretty reasonable.

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